Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Longing for Heaven

       I have got to start writing night, that is. I get on the computer and start looking at this and that, reading other people's blogs and suddenly it's 1 a.m.! I'm sure no one else does this....
     And of course, this is the week we're "getting back on schedule" (a common phrase used by homeschooling families approximately every 3 months). With the house tore up, school happened pretty sporadically this past month. I figured out early on in this journey not to beat myself up about schooling. We'll catch it up over summer. BUT, I was REALLY serious about this being the week to get back on track. The best laid plans.....
     We've had some pretty rough times this past month. I find it almost unbelievable how we're able to keep going forward with life. It's such a God thing. Tonight I was watching Jesus of Nazareth. If you've ever seen it, you'll agree the actor playing Jesus was one of the best TV Jesus' ever.  As I listened to his words, quoted from scripture, my heart just ached to be with Him. Such compassion, such love, such justice, such perfection. We are born with a sense of eternity in us and when we become Christians, that  longing only deepens.           I've always carried somewhat of a loneliness within my spirit, I think all of us do. But, since Jess has been gone, the loneliness is so much deeper. I long for her, I long for heaven, I long for the Creator of heaven.       
     I realize how much we were not created to be on this fallen planet. We were created to be with Him, in all that wonder we are never satisfied here... it's not our home.
I put this quote on my Facebook. It's from C.S. Lewis:
"There have been times when I think we do not desire heaven, but more often than not I find myself wondering whether in our hearts of hearts, we have ever desired anything is the secret signature of each soul, the incommunicable and unappeasable want. It is the inconsolable longing" C.S. Lewis
     My prayer continues to be, knowing that my days are numbered (as are all of ours), help me to make the best of each one. Help me spend my time doing things that have eternal value. The distance between this world and that one is not so very far. I don't forget that as much as I used to.
     Tomorrow I'm hanging with Lee Penley. I've mentioned her on Caringbridge several times. She has been dealing with cancer for over 3 years and the reports coming in are not good. She and Jess were very close, sharing in the bond of suffering, unfortunately. Lee is another amazing woman; fighting this fight with faith and prayers, raising a family, always thinking of others, never complaining. Our time together is very special to me. We talk about Jess a lot, cancer, faith, families, life, death. It is another circumstance where the distance between this world and that one is very small. You just can't talk about what's going on in this life (with her), without talking about the one to come. It can be a painful place, but oddly, a comforting one as well. 
Lee is also going to let me do some writing for her, tell her story a bit. That is a real honor. 
     Well the necessities of living on this planet are calling out to me....and I must respond. 
    There's a lot I had wanted to say about this week, this very special Easter week, but perhaps I've said it. It is always a good thing to think about our eternal destination, the price that was paid for us to get there and how short the distance really is. Let's just remember that there are a lot of people out there who need to be shown the way. Bring someone to church this week, bring someone to Jesus and remember to live with eternity in your heart.

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  1. I think its absolutely beautiful and appropriate that you will help Lee through your expression of words. Sharon God has given you such a gift through words, your writings have uplifted me and encouraged me in many occasions and I know they will be a blessing to Lee!